Gheorghe Rotariu


  • I was born in Hunedoara, on 02.03.1962
  • I graduated the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology of Spiru Haret University in 2007
  • I have a private practice in Bucharest since 2007 using holistic therapies for my clients
  • Volunteering at Miaʹs Childrens
  • Practice as associate psycologist in a dental office since 2008 in a multidisciplinary team. Anesthesia through hypnosis, psycho-somatic therapy
  • European competence in Eriksonian Hypnosis since 2009
  • Cognitive-behavioral and transpersonal training
  • Member of the Association of Hypnotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychoterapy
  • Short presentation on The First International Congress of Endodontics, Bucharest, march 2009 with the theme: „Approaches and psychologica implications of the endodontist in an office practice”.
  • Course with the theme „Approach of the patient with endodontic problems in an dental office”, susteined in The second international Congress of Endodontics, Craiova, april 2010.
  • Short conference presentations on cases, at Venus Conference 2012, 2013, 2015.
  • Presentation at UNAS Congres in 2014 with theme: „Anesthesia through hypnosis in the dental office
  • Presentation at UNAS Congres in 2015 with theme: „The nocebo effect in the dental office”.
  • Participation in a clinical research in an dental office, with theme: „Pain management on first inferior molar” during 2012-216 with unique wordwide results regarding the percentage of succes of hypnoanesthesia on molars with irreversible pupitis
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