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At Dentree you find the answers, advice and treatments you’ve long wanted and sought. The Dentree team is designed to be able to apply integrative medicine in dentistry. The holistic approach is necessary because a diseased tooth can affect other organs. When you want to achieve consistent dental health, it is important to have a team that thinks and acts for you.

About us

Everything for your smile

With us, dentistry has a different meaning: that of a medical team giving you all the information you need, tailored to your needs, so you can make the best decision.

The latest techniques in the field

We use the latest techniques that have passed the test of integrative medicine, studying every material used down to its chemical formula.

Medical prevention

We use everything we know in medical prevention to help you from the start to stop the progression of the disease you present with.

Up-to-date medical research

We constantly study what's new in medical research, in physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, to constantly find the best option for you.

Because your smile is worth all our effort, and yours.

Georgiana Petrescu

GP, dentist
Since 2006 I have worked as a dentist in Bucharest

Dentree Team

For your smile

specialist physician

specialist physician

Dr. Olivia Nicoleta Popoviciu, Assistant Professor

Gheorghe (Gogu) Rotariu – CV

specialist physician

Holistic therapist:
Ana Maria Damian

Structural Osteopathy, Visceral Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapy:
Aurelian Dumitru

Craniosacral therapy and awakening:
Octavia Roman

Dental Technician:
Dart Dent


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Customized treatment plans created by a multidisciplinary team
Our ultimate goal is to give you independence from your dentist


Happy smiles
Visiting Dr Georgiana Petrescu's office has become "going to Georgiana" in our family because it is more than just a visit to the dentist. She knows how to transform that office space into a place where you feel safe, because you are treated with care and empathy beyond professionalism. She is a doctor who will always patiently explain everything you want to know because the healing process starts with the trusting relationship.
CG, Facebook Review
I came to Georgiana as a small fearful child. She has proven that she knows how to deal with a child just like she knows how to remove the fears of a grown man, and now as an adult, I have all the confidence to turn to her whenever I need her help.
TA, Facebook Review
It is the first dental practice I have not visited with fear, a practice where you solve your problems by finding out their cause, a place where you get professionalism, promptness and understanding, because Georgiana is not only another kind of dentist, she is first of all a HUMAN in the true sense of the word. Thank you for everything!
RC, Facebook Review
If you are looking for a dentist with a lot of patience, empathy and an enormous amount of medical knowledge (both in allopathic and naturopathic medicine), you have come to the right place. Five stars are too few to describe the exceptional work and service that Dr Georgiana Petrescu offers.
AV, Google Review
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Just for you

Your smile is yours alone

The first time you meet us we discuss everything that is dentistry relevant about who you are, what you eat, how you think, feel, what you use.

This way we put together an action plan to achieve the most beautiful and effective smile according to your expectations. The work starts when you ask us and as you ask us.

Everyone has their own comfort zone and applicability. So all types of medicine are applied in a customized formula tailored to you.

We traditionally offer a friendly approach, because we always like to have new friends. We have time and place for everyone.  Just like in a big family.

Your smile is yours alone, and we, through applied integrative dentistry, offer you uniqueness, just as you are.

Afraid of the dentist, are you?

We tackle pain multidisciplinarily

We have a dentist-psychologist team that has been applying techniques for over 12 years to bring you into the practice, adapt to the practice environment, identify the situation that created the fear and de-escalate it. Healing the blockage that has caused the fear of the dentist and then working in adapted sessions, until a form of comfort is installed in the idea of going to the dentist.

We have three anaesthetic techniques available:

The protocols were established following a doctoral research carried out by Dr Georgiana Petrescu between 2011-2017. They are always reviewed and adapted to each individual.

In addition we offer services to help those who are too afraid of the dentist, or parents with young children, to get to the practice.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2pm-7pm
Tuesday, Thursday 08am-12pm


Poiana Florilor Street, no 4, 2nd Floor, room 31, Bucharest 040147 (Policlinica 11 Iunie - Find on the map)

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