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We want to offer you independence from the dentist as quickly as possible, in a calm, friendly environment, adapted to you!


Are directly related to hygiene of the body, hygiene of the mind, hygiene of nutrition and derive from medical ethics carefully applied by the entire team

we work

Our team works every day to better understand the human nature of the need every person presents with in the practice.

We believe in the usefulness of personal information and research
We identify and accumulate information that has been clinically and statistically verified, and we implement it into therapy as quickly as possible. We value our personal values, which is why we understand anyone who presents with clear principles, obtained through our own research methods.

Georgiana Petrescu


I became a bio-stomatologist out of necessity.

I believe that few are lucky enough to enter the field of integrative medicine without having medical problems unanswered in allopathic medicine. I have been there, with the desperation, struggle and efforts that were necessary so that after 10 years of searching I came across people who could help me to start the road to healing. I needed to take off the blinders I had built up in university, to read and apply phytotherapy, acupuncture, color therapy, energy medicine, psychotherapy, to reread all the books I had read in my university years and to discover with surprise how many details I had not noticed in some of them, to learn to look at the world and life through the eyes of a child, always curious, always with questions to ask, always passionate about everything around me.

I had the good fortune to meet great professors in the Faculty of Dentistry, including the Endodontics Professor and Academician, who drew me with extraordinary finesse the path I didn’t even know I was already on. Then came the need to treat patients with fear to the point of phobia of the dentist and with this step, the first member of the team, Gogu. Subsequently several extraordinary acupuncturists opened my eyes at the then acupuncture congress, and later the integrative medicine congress.

I was joined by doctors working with parts of integrative medicine. Then extraordinary psychologists and very special people. I went and got postgraduate qualifications in acupuncture and radiology, a master’s and a doctorate in endodontics, an ongoing residency, also in endodontics. I learned over time to listen to them all and form my own way of being a Doctor. I learned that no medical branch must be abandoned, you simply learn what is effective from each one so you can use them together, tailored to the patient you treat. And I’ve also learned that if a person comes into my practice, they’ve definitely come to the right place, and I have the answers for them.


How do I work?

I work with informed consent, respecting individuality and personal dignity.

Comfortable working position

Modern working position is comfortable, almost bed-like, almost horizontal

For me the best working position is with the patient horizontally, because this way:

The conversation and the way of treatment are adapted as much as I can, only to you.

Echipa Dentree

Echipa Dentree este concepută pentru a putea aplica medicina integrativă în stomatologie

specialist physician

specialist physician

Dr. Olivia Nicoleta Popoviciu, Assistant Professor

Gheorghe (Gogu) Rotariu – CV

specialist physician

Holistic therapist:
Ana Maria Damian

Structural Osteopathy, Visceral Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapy:
Aurelian Dumitru

Dental Technician:
Ana Maria Faur, Dartdent

Radiology Partners:
YTS Dental View
Dental Scan

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